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Success Stories

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Trav Triv is a real-time, interactive app that seeks to solve two problems simultaneously by connecting communities and travellers. Communities of various sizes have the opportunity to tell travellers about the unique experiences the region has to offer, thus encouraging visitation and tours.

At the same time, travellers have the opportunity to discover rare facts about the community they are visiting. This information is shared through the various short stories on our virtual map, which is programmed to play these stories as travellers reach the community.

Our membership comprises travel enthusiasts who access these stories by scrolling through the app as they search for interesting communities to visit. Searching for specific locations also allows travellers to view the stories surrounding a particular region. There is no cost to download or use our map, nor is there any cost for individuals or communities who place their stories on our map.

LRNKEY© ( is a family passion project born from a need we couldn’t fill.

After a bit of research, I found out from a friend of a French tutor who held her classes over Skype, and her prices were much more affordable to a middle-income family such as ours. That’s when the seed for was planted. What if we could build a website where learners who were looking to learn a skill or a profession could easily find a match for a tutor/online coach.

This is where my tech-savvy husband comes in! The year that followed was full of brainstorming meetings, research, bouncing ideas off of friends and family and envisioning the technology behind all this that could make it a reality. In April of 2020 LRNKEY© was launched.


Aidi inc “Global” builds bigger and better IT solutions one day at a time. Aidi inc specializes in creating and launching business start-ups and opportunities. Aidi inc is a B2C, B2B, and B2G company that has successful records throughout all 3 business types. Aidi inc was founded in 2010 by Hichem Aidi who has IT support, marketing, graphic design, business development and analysis expertise provincially and internationally. Since 2018, Aidi inc has created an on-demand multi-services APP “Swift Pros” that is capable of interchangeably adding and removing services to fit various areas’ requirements and markets. The APP is now fully functional and successful in Fort McMurray, AB and is ready to expand across more markets in the near future.


Swift Pros was developed after Hichem Aidi realized the need for it while operating his business “Property Maintenance” in Fort McMurray. He was able to create a successful and strong IT solution for his own company with his own hands and a small team.


Akron Engineering Consultants Group Ltd. provides the infrastructures of oil & gas, provincial, municipal and residential industries with services in civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering disciplines, offering a variety of services related to project management, construction management, and quality management. At Akron, we pride ourselves with resources rich in experience from various industries and technical backgrounds, along with the combined experience of our key personnel and shareholders, Akron endeavours to be one of the leading, trusted, consolidated engineering service providers in the years to come. 

Akron’s focus is on ensuring our clients’ projects are completed safely and within planned cost, quality and schedule.”


Kid drop is a locally owned and operated transportation company exclusively for kids. As parents of 3 busy children we understand the age old problem we all face, Not Enough Time!

Managing multiple schedules to arrange transportation is a thing of the past. We see the need in our community for a safe, reliable and affordable transportation service for our children.


Let Kid Drop be your solution!

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