Wood Buffalo Regional Innovation Network

Supporting entrepreneurs and innovators in our community.


About Regional Innovation Networks (RIN)
Regional Innovation Network
(RIN) are community-based networks of entrepreneur-focused
organizations that provide programs and services that aim to accelerate the growth of
technology and knowledge based businesses in their region.
There are currently eight RINs in Alberta, including Wood Buffalo Regional Innovation Network
(WBRIN). RINs are funded by the Government of Alberta, and administered by Alberta

About Wood Buffalo Regional Innovation Network (WBRIN)
The WBRIN supports initiatives, programs, services and events that strengthen the
entrepreneurial and innovation community in the Wood Buffalo region.
Our purpose is to increase and capture innovation on the front lines, attract technologies and
talent to our community, and inspire a whole new generation of entrepreneurs across Fort
McMurray and the entire Wood Buffalo region.
The WBRIN is not an organization; it is a network. The organizing body is made up of six
organizations, who occupy the roles of co-chairs and a steering committee.

WBRIN Steering Commitee Members

The WBRIN’s purpose is to support technology and knowlege-based innovators and entrepreneurs by:


Gap Identification

Identifying gaps in the ecosystem and finding solutions to address those gaps

Program & Services

Hosting and supporting programs, services and events in the region

Sharing Resources

Connecting entrepreneurs to programs, services and events around the province

Business Coaching

Connecting businesses to a regional Technology Development Advisor, who provides one-on-one support and advice to entrepreneurs

WBRIN Programs

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WBRIN & Startup YMM 

During our strategic planning, the WBRIN identified the need to provide entrepreneurs ongoing access to skills, space, and mentorship to turn their ideas into scalable businesses. We developed the concept of Startup YMM, an initiative that follows best practices in other regions across the country. WBEDC has the responsibility of bringing this concept to life, and managing the programming and day-to-day operations. The WBRIN continues to support Startup YMM through some of its key programs and events.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the WBRIN?

The WBRIN is a network of organizations that support initiatives, programs, services and events that strengthen the entrepreneurial and innovation community in the Wood Buffalo region.

How do I get involved?

We are here to support entrepreneurs. We are most effective when everyone participates. You can get involved by:

  • Attending our events and sharing your feedback with us
  • Participating in our programs
  • Sharing your viewpoint on the gaps and challenges of our entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Supporting the community with your expertise
  • Joining one of our working groups that is tackling a specific challenge

How are you funded?

We are funded by Alberta Innovates.

We have so many of these types of committees and organizations. How is this different?

Unlike other networks and programs, the WBRIN is funded by Alberta Innovates to specifically connect and grow the technology and knowledge-based businesses in our province. The WBRIN is also different from our other local initiatives because this is part of an Alberta-wide group of networks. Through the WBRIN, we can connect our community to the rest of the province’s innovation network, and we can adopt and contribute to a wider set of best practices.

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